Dr. Walter Osborne.   University Professor retired.
Masters in Engineering and Doctorate in Education
45,000 votes first time on ballot in 2014
The —LESS tax— candidate, with accurate vision of future.  Remove the big spender incumbents.

25 second youtube link that shows my personality

Old photo that was with the display of faculty photos.

I am the only candidate with accurate vision of future. Some Incumbent Replications only see the back-wind0w, after something has occurred.

Example:  Irritating stop lights not necessary with smart engineering designer.  See below?  Incumbents waste money with dumb SunRail, which will cause a increase in sales tax to cover huge operating losses.  Incumbents will raise sales tax to 9.5 percent because of other dumb decisions.


My first job with bachelor in engineering was for a company that had contracts with Kennedy Space Center which is ultimate applied engineering.

 Dissertation included visit to 39  companies in Brevard County, to determine most important skills to (a) get a job, and (b) to get promoted.

My doctorate minor was in Administration and Supervision.   I visited and studied 90 industries to determine real-job needs.

Before you vote, please guess how the incumbents have so much money, for so many fancy flyers.   They collected 151,000 plus 214,000.  mailto:ww32765@att.net  for feedback.