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Website paid by Walter Osborne for County Commissioner District 1, Seminole County                       

Background:—-  First time on the Ballot:  Walter ran for State Senator in 2014 and got about 45,000 votes which was about 31 percent.

He is a retired university professor, who has a masters in engineering and a doctorate in education.  Dissertation included visit to 39  companies in Brevard County, to determine most important skills to (a) get a job, and (b) to get promoted.

His doctorate minor was in Administration and Supervision.  His favorite course were “Leadership” which included Maslow theory of human development, which is the foundation for personal wisdom.

He had five years of real-world experience in industry,  prior to becoming a professor.   He worked for Brevard Community College for two year.  He has 20 years experience as a university professor.

30 point Platform to be posted in October.   This will make it difficult for others to copy my original new ideas.  In Seminole, we need campaign finance reform so new persons with better ideas can improve things.

October 1 website plans:   Choices:  1.  You will always be able to see some info,  without register.  2.  You can register to see restricted info.   3.  Now:  Ignore links about “Register and login etc” on right.  This will be functional after Oct1.

Older photo and old 30 second video

Old photo that was with the display of faculty photos.
Old photo that was with the display of faculty photos.

Walter Osborne for County Commissioner